how many ants are need to fill an apartment


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can’t wait for fall to start so i can stop wearing the same two pairs of shorts all the time and start wearing the same two pairs of jeans all the time

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It was a dance of masks and every mask was perfect because every mask was a real face and every face was a
real mask so there was no mask and there was no face for there was but one dance in which there was but
one mask but one true face which was the same and which was a thing without a name which changed and
changed into itself over and over.
If my like for you was a football crowd, you’d be deaf ’cause of the roar. And if my like for you was a boxer, there’d be a dead guy lying on the floor. And if my like for you was sugar, you’d lose your teeth before you were twenty. And if my like for you was money, let’s just say you’d be spending plenty.


#if a cat and a dog got married this is what they would look like

that is actually a perfect description

21. Love affair
A little conversation a day by ilovedoodle
Robot Boy


Mr. an Mrs. Smith had a wonderful life.
They were a normal, happy husband and wife.
One day they got news that made Mr. Smith glad.
Mrs. Smith would would be a mom
which would make him the dad!
But something was wrong with their bundle of joy.
It wasn’t human at all,
it was a robot boy!
He wasn’t…



The worst part about liking classical music is when you forget the name of a piece and you can’t google the lyrics because there are none


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Recipe For Happiness Khaborovsk Or Anyplace


One grand boulevard with trees
with one grand cafe in sun
with strong black coffee in very small cups.

One not necessarily very beautiful
man or woman who loves you.

One fine day. 

― Lawrence Ferlinghetti

If I had a shiny gun
I could have a world of fun
Speeding bullets through the brains
Of the folks that cause me pains :)

We couldn’t resist grabbing some sushi for an afternoon snack. Naturally, we eat ours with a side of soy socks…erm, sauce. 📷 by @lesliekirch #eeeeeats  (at Wasabi NYC)